Welcome to
Eden's Christmas Corner

Over the last 25 years the Eden's have established a tradition of creating an original Christmas card each year.
Dave & the family prayerfully craft each one, its message, art, poetry & family update.
Our vision was to send out a yearly blessing combining the wonder of Christ's birth with the power of His gospel.
Many friends & family have remarked how much these uniquely Christian cards mean to them each year.
So, not only for them, but for all who could use some good cheer & inspiration this Christmas or all year round,
here are some of our faves...
May your Christmas last all the New Year!!!

"Peace on the earth, good will toward men from Heaven's all gracious King..."

-It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Edmund Sears

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Rollover each Christmas card to see the message within...
All cards are free for downloading & sending to any one you wish! Just include acknowledgement of authorship and link.

2011 - Real (Repeat)

A small-souled Grinch learns that the real Christmas doesn’t come from a store.
A miserly old Scrooge learns that Christmas should be celebrated all year long.
A wooden puppet becomes a real boy when he learns how to live honestly & heroically.
A rich young orphan uses his wealth to secretly bless others and becomes a legend of the giving spirit.
His lead flying reindeer learns that being different is really a gift.
A snowman comes to life when kids believe in Him & his magical hat.
A lonely stuffed rabbit learns that you become real when you are cherished by a child.
A bunch of peanut-size urchins learn that the real meaning of Christmas
is a baby born in a manger that will change the world and make us real.
In all the fun & fantasies of the season,
 may you find God’s real love for the new year and forever.

2008 - Born to Die Hear a "rough demo" of the song that inspired the card: JCUministries.com

2008 - Born to Die

2007 - One Life

2005 - Door to Christmas

2004 - As a Child

2003 - The War is Over!

2001 - Hopes & Fears 9/11

2000 - The Greatest Present

1998 - One Hope

1995 - Real!

1993 - Joy to the World?

1992 - A Wondeful Life?

1988 - The Cup of Jesus (from Dave's orginal New Year's Caro!- "6 Days After Christmas")

1987 - Broken for Love

1984 - Upon His Shoulders

1983 - White Christmas

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